Sandwiches & Wrap Platters

Catermaid deliver only the freshest wraps and sandwiches for your event or gathering. Our refreshing and cleansing platters are suitable for any function, with both basic and upscale options on the menu. You can trust that Catermaid will provide only the freshest and natural sandwich and wrap platters!

Sandwiches and Wrap Options

  • Mixed roast vegetable and fetta with basil pesto
  • Tuna with Brie, sundried tomato, green bean salad with balsamic mayo
  • Swiss cheese, smoked ham, tomato with capsicum chutney
  • Salami with cheese, olives, roasted capsicum and pesto
  • Smoked salmon with Capers, creamed cheese, cucumber and avocado
  • Roast Beef, caramalised onion chutney, cheese and tomato
  • Salad- Full traditional salad with mayo
  • Peking chicken, with carrot , cucumber, shallot salad and crunchy noodles
  • Sweet chilli chicken with cheese, tomato, cucumber and mayo
  • Turkey, cranberry, creamed cheese and cucumber

All served on a mixed of wraps, wholemeal, white and multi grain breads.

Simple Sandwiches

  • Egg , lettuce and Mayo
  • Tomato and cheese
  • Han and cheese
  • Chicken, lettuce and mayo
  • Tuna and mayo
  • Curried egg and lettuce
  • Roast beef and pickles
  • Turkey and cranberry

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